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LOTTO is a Lottery Token Deployed on the Arbitrum blockchain! 

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When you purchase LOTTO on the Camelot you have the chance to win the JackPot!

If you purchase LOTTO and don't hit the JackPot, then put your LOTTO Tokens to work with our Nitro Pool!

A Nitro Pool is an LP where you can Provide Liquidity for LOTTO. 

Our Nitro Pool allows you to earn ETH on top of .3% of all trading volume!

1% of Taxes will go to all Liquidity Providers in the Nitro Pool.

Every 7 days, 1 week of accumulated ETH will be used for Nitro Pool Rewards.

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Token Distribution

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Tax Distribution

Buy/Sell: 10/10

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The JackPot will be paid with ETH automatically to the WINNER! The JackPot will grow in value by collecting 5% from every Buy/Sell transaction! See the values below to determine your chance of winning! GOOD LUCK! 🍀 

$100 USD - 1% chance to WIN

$200 USD - 2% chance to WIN

$300 USD - 3% chance to WIN

$400 USD - 4% chance to WIN

$500 USD - 5% chance to WIN

$600 USD - 6% chance to WIN

$700 USD - 7% chance to WIN

$800 USD - 8% chance to WIN

$900 USD - 9% chance to WIN

$1000 USD - 10% chance to WIN (MAX)

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0 - 100k Mkt Cap 

Purchase Amount

 Decrease by 10%

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